Have you had the jab? I have and I don’t work in a hospital.

I’m talking about the flu injection which I get each year because I want to protect myself against the viral infection and protect others in my family.

If I get influenza, I’m likely to spread it to people who are susceptible near me. And of course the same applies to people in the wider community. They don’t want me spreading my lugubrious bugs.

It seems like a basic, straightforward act of social responsibility. Protect yourself and thereby protect others. Simple.
But not according to the Waikato Nurses Union who have complained loudly about feeling “coerced” by the Waikato District Health Board’s directive that all health workers either get the jab or wear a mask.

Coerced? I would have thought that such professionals in the health sector would willingly and eagerly comply with such a directive. More. That they would have taken it upon themselves, of their own volition, given their knowledge and working environment, to not only keep themselves as healthy as possible, but set an example to the general populous.  

What’s going on here? Do they know something we don’t? Are the pamphlets in doctor’s waiting rooms up and down the country encouraging people to get the flu jab, bogus?

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