Investing in education for prevention of Infection Control within your organisation shows convincing evidence that it effects the front-line of your medical environment and contributes to lowering the overall rate of risk of infection within your organisation. Our primary responsibility is to ensure best possible care for our customer and infection control is a large component of this.

When Infection Control practitioners are educating and influencing healthcare workers, compliance with a multifaceted approach is often seen, improving standards hugely across the organisation.

Infection Control education must be specifically designed for and targeted at the groups of staff concerned, medical & non clinical staff included. Each type of environment hosts a variety of different policies and requirements which Infection Prevention Australia can tailor to your specific needs, ensuring the principles and practices of Infection Control and presented.

Our private onsite education will be designed to ensure your medical practice receives all that is required to ensure Infection Control is a major priority.

Education includes:

  • Basic infection control precautions
  • Hand hygiene
  • Environmental cleaning
  • Instrument decontamination and safe injection practices
  • The use of standard precautions, transmission-based precautions and personal protective equipment
  • A deeper understanding of the types of infection spreads, the sources of infection, and modes of transmission

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