Announcement from the Department of Health


2022 influenza vaccines for the National Immunisation Program will become available from 4 April through a range of providers including GPs, community health clinics and eligible pharmacies, subject to local supply arrangement in states and territories.

• NIP influenza vaccination providers if they have not done so already, should place orders for 2022 NIP influenza vaccines through their usual channels in their state or territory.

• The public are encouraged to start to book their appointments from mid-April to ensure the best protection at the peak of the season which is usually between June and September.

• Influenza vaccination is particularly important this year. With the easing of international and domestic public health measures arising from the COVID-19 global pandemic, a resurgence of influenza is expected in 2022, with the Australian community potentially more vulnerable to the virus this winter.

• Influenza vaccines can be safely co-administered (on the same day) with COVID-19 vaccines.

• The best protection this winter is for people to receive an influenza vaccine and be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 including any recommended booster doses.