This year’s state of the industry report for the operating room, with data provided through an online survey of ICT readers who work in surgical services, is designed to offer a snapshot of the key issues and challenges relating to infection prevention.

This includes budgets, resourcing and workloads, as well as ongoing shortages in time, personnel and educational opportunities.

Report Summary

Perioperative personnel who participated in ICT’s survey reported a number of infection prevention-related imperatives within the context of sterile technique; characterized their healthcare institution’s surgical site infection (SSI) rates; and also expressed concerns related to environmental hygiene in the operating room.

Editor’s Take

The majority of survey respondents (85 percent) said they believed that their healthcare institution has a strong culture of safety overall, indicating that some work still needed to be done to improve communication and collaboration between the operating room and other key stakeholders in the healthcare environment.

Takeaways for Your Business

Survey respondents indicated their concerns about infection breaches related to sterile technique
OR personnel reported a lack of environmental hygiene in the surgical arena
Perioperative personnel suggest that adequate resourcing continues to be a significant challenge

Download this Report to explore the findings of the survey.